2 Reasons Your Brand Should Be on Google+

Image: Mashable

Google+ is celebrating its second birthday this week, in addition to celebrating its place as the world’s second largest social network. While platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem to grab up most of the headlines, G+ has been growing at a steady clip and now hosts 500 million users, 359 million of whom are reported to be active monthly users.

If nothing else, the sheer size of G+’s network should be getting brands’ attention. But size isn’t everything, at least  when it comes to social media–just ask Myspace. Nevertheless, G+–in addition to its size–can offer your brand several advantages. And to commemorate its second birthday, here are two reasons your brand should be capitalizing on G+:

1. Google Hangouts are free; connect you directly to your stakeholders and engage them with streaming audio, video and text in real-time. And because Google has a massive infrastructure, your Hangout can virtually accommodate a limitless number of G+ users. Not only can your broadcast be viewed live, but it can also be saved onto Google’s YouTube network. Hangouts offer brands a creative and dynamic stage to deliver messages and appeals. Still, the challenge is strategizing the right content and connecting to the right audience.

2. Content sharing is a breeze with Circles. There is a lot of debate on which social network is best for spreading content, and typically the argument comes down to Twitter and Facebook while G+ is left out in the cold. Well, according to Searchmetrics, G+ will overtake Facebook in content shares by 2016. So perhaps the conversation needs to be reframed? Circles allows users to share content with friends that are designated to particular groups, which means as a brand you can target specific audiences and push content directly to them. However, you still have the freedom to share content across your entire network or the general public, thus making G+ a tailor made solution for brands. And one more thing: User Circles can be followed by other users, so even if someone is out of your network, they may see your content through a friend’s circle.

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