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Agency Wins Account After Being Turned Down; Follow-Up Is Key

July 9th, 1998 by

Sturm Rosenburg King & Company (SRK), a healthcare marketing agency in Chicago, won new client business for corporate branding and strategic marketing from Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee) in May 1998. Kramer Kresselt advertising agency… Continued

Job Tracker

July 9th, 1998 by

As a benefit to subscribers looking to bring on their next star employee or seeking a career change, Healthcare PR & Marketing News has rolled out a JobTracker classifieds section. Your ad will reach between… Continued

Video Motivates Employees to Share Innovative Ideas

July 9th, 1998 by

Getting 7,000 employees to believe that their ideas matter and will be valued by managers was Kaiser Permanente’s internal communications charge last year. Results from its recent employee opinion survey indicated that employees needed stronger… Continued

On The Pulse: Trends & Surveys In The Healthcare Industry

July 9th, 1998 by

Patient Satisfaction is Rising, Despite Managed Care Backlash Despite the negative publicity that plagues managed care, patient satisfaction has surged over the last two years, according to a new survey by Deloitte & Touche, a… Continued

Using Patient Advocacy Ties to Bolster Funding Efforts, Community Initiatives

July 9th, 1998 by

Bridging the gap with the right patient advocacy organizations is key to gaining support from influential patient groups, legislators and medical funding sources. Extending this olive branch is best done in the early stages of… Continued

The News Monitor

July 9th, 1998 by

Mother’s ‘Criminal’ Past Doesn’t Detract From Web Birth When the National Enquirer broke the story a few days after a Florida woman gave birth live on the Internet, alleging she had a "lengthy criminal past"… Continued

Mark Your Calendar

July 9th, 1998 by

July 23-24: Strategic Research Institute’s "Competitive Positioning of Hospitals and Health Systems in Today’s Evolving Market." Chicago. 212/302-1800. August 29-September 2 Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development’s Third Annual Educational Conference. Philadelphia. 312/ 455-4577.… Continued

Cancer Research Mobilizes Branding Efforts of Three Academic Hospitals

July 9th, 1998 by

With managed care squeezing national research dollars, there’s no room for competition where cancer is concerned. Which is why three of the nation’s top academic hospitals for cancer research – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham &… Continued

Hospitals Penalized For Not Providing Interpreters

July 9th, 1998 by

Thirty-two Connecticut hospitals agreed on June 26 with the Justice Department’s recommendations to set up the first statewide system of round-the-clock sign language interpreters for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. The case… Continued

Suit Yourself: A Lesson or Two from Royal Carribean & Beverly Enterprises, Inc. in Managing Crises

July 6th, 1998 by

These days, the odds of facing a lawsuit are about the same as receiving a Ken Starr subpoena if you work at the White House. So this month, we look at two vastly different approaches… Continued