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Case Study

July 27th, 1998 by

Kohnstamm’s Magnetic PR Draws Poetic Coverage Magnetic Poetry, the company that helps consumers fashion prose on their refrigerators and filing cabinets, credits a PR campaign with helping it become a $7 million business selling 50… Continued

Start Up Company Gets Doctors Attention with Phone Cards

July 23rd, 1998 by

Response Rate Averages 55% to 75% The first time Teva Marion Partners, used long distance phone cards as a survey hook last year, they generated a 75% response rate among its target audience of physicians,… Continued

Rebuilding Public Trust When Healthcare Confidence is Shattered

July 23rd, 1998 by

If anyone is happy with the status of the healthcare system in the U. S. today, that person is keeping awfully quiet. From anti-managed care legislation in Congress, to providers who are being told by… Continued

Ad Abstract: Train Promotes New ‘Main Line’ Partnership for Pediatric Care

July 23rd, 1998 by

Campaign Boosts Patient Referrals by 50% Using a choo-choo train to promote its "Main Line" partnership, duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del., and Bryn Mawr Hospital in Bryn Mawr, Pa., launched a multimedia campaign… Continued

The News Monitor

July 23rd, 1998 by

Marketing Campaigns: Tainted Pharmaceutical Drug Seeks Advocacy Support The FDA approval of thalidomide last week, comes with a compelling new way to market a drug haunted by a tragic history. Most people still associate thalidomide… Continued

HPRMN Correction

July 23rd, 1998 by

In the last issue, our story, "Cancer Research Mobilizes Branding Efforts of Three Academic Hospitals," identifies Cronin and Company’s headquarters in Boston. The advertising agency is located in Glastonbury, Conn.

DTC Spending Exceeds $1 Billion

July 23rd, 1998 by

Spending on direct to consumer (DTC) prescription drug advertising will climb to at least $1.3 billion in 1998, an increase of more than 50 percent, according to IMS Health, a market research firm in Plymouth… Continued

On the Pulse – Trends and Surveys In the Healthcare Industry

July 23rd, 1998 by

Healthy Seniors Are HMOs’ Prime Target Medicare HMO advertising targets healthy seniors while ignoring the disabled segment, according to a new report by the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy that sponsors healthcare… Continued

Unique Acquisition Deal Will Put Doctors In Marketing/PR Drivers’ Seat

July 23rd, 1998 by

200 Doctors Form Group to Save Hospitals An unusual deal is brewing in which doctors are coming to the rescue of two Chicago hospitals. If approved, the owner-doctors will be thrust into a new leadership… Continued


July 23rd, 1998 by

FEED A FEVER Turn up the heat on your career at the West’s hottest and fastest growing healthcare public relations firm. You’re a savvy, agency professional -AE, SAE, AS or VP level – with a… Continued