15 to Watch (Corporate/Nonprofit): Stephen Radick

Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton Age: 28

Booz Allen has morphed into one of the most well-respected leaders in Government 2.0 and external social media communities, thanks in part to Stephen Radick’s efforts. His social media team leads numerous successful efforts for such governmental entities as the Military Health System, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Army’s Real Warriors campaign.

Military Health Might

“One of our most effective campaigns has been the work that we’ve done with the Military Health System (MHS),” the McLean, Va.-based Radick says. “Focused on deepening relationships with its 9 million eligible beneficiaries, we’ve been able to help MHS become a more effective resource for our nation’s military.”

Seduced by Technology

“One of the biggest challenges that my team and I face is the infatuation that people have with the new technology. Everyone wants to get on Twitter or start a blog or create a wiki, instead of identifying what they want to accomplish and then picking the communication tool that will best help them do that. “

Connecting Voices

“I get to help bridge the communications gap between people and their government. Whether it’s helping soldiers in the war theater communicate and collaborate with their colleagues back in the States or connecting the citizens with the right people in government to answer their questions, I’m fortunate to have a significant impact on the way people interact with their government.” â–