15 to Watch (Agency): John Cangany

Since joining APCO Worldwide in 2008, John Cangany has grown into the functional lead of APCO’s global social media team. His background in environmental and energy issues serves him well in cultivating relationships with thought leaders in the transportation, technology, health care and travel and tourism sectors. This past year the Washington DC-based Cangany introduced an APCO client, one of the largest railroad companies in the U.S., to several influential bloggers in the energy, environmental and technology fields, garnering quality coverage for the client.

Diverse in D.C.

“The most compelling campaign I’ve worked on is spotlighting the travel industry and the people who are a part of it,” he says. “Through a national video contest, we were able to select the face of the industry and offset unfair rhetoric coming from Washington.”

Making the Right Connections

“It’s rewarding to connect clients and influencers together with a common interest or topic. We’re helping build relationships that will be valuable now and in the future. Playing around with emerging Web platforms is a pretty cool perk, too.”

Perception Challenge

“There’s a negative perception that communications pros pitch too much and don’t put enough emphasis on cultivating relationships with journalists, bloggers and communities. The margin for error is very small with outreach to online communities, so building relationships with the right people matters more than it did even two years ago.” â– 

Manager, Social Media, APCO Online Age: 28