15 to Watch (Agency): Joey-lyn Addesa

Senior Account Executive, Kaplow Comm. Age: 25

In a mere three years, Joey-lyn Addesa rose from MWW Group’s “Rookie of the Year” to senior account executive and media relations specialist. As manager of lifestyle media relations for Nikon—an MWW cornerstone account—from 2008 and through this year, Addesa drove the launch of 19 products and spearheaded publicity campaigns that generated nearly 900 placements and 1.1 billion media impressions. Addesa is now displaying her formidable talents as senior account executive at Kaplow Communications.

Success on a Shoestring

“In 2008 I orchestrated consumer lifestyle media relations on behalf of a former client,” she says. “With a minimal budget, I revamped aspects of a product launch strategy to engage consumer lifestyle media, including interactive media mailers and face-to-face demonstrations. I was able to effectively maximize results for my clients with a minimal budget and create a ‘must-have’ product for the holiday shopping season.“

Office Is Always Open

“From Twitter updates to my favorite blogs, I could easily spend all day discovering and devouring media. However, a very smart colleague once told me, ‘It’s PR, not the ER.’ I’ve tried to adhere to that ever since.”

Creative Exercise

“The most rewarding thing about my job is the hourly opportunities to be challenged creatively, intellectually and professionally. Whether it is developing a new way to pitch for regional magazines or creating a multimillion dollar program, I can exercise my creativity across a variety of PR platforms.” â–