10 Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance

coolerWe are a society that works, and we work a lot. For better or worse, Americans spend more time at the office or thinking about the office than just about any other country. Social media and digital communications have only enabled our workaholic ways. No matter where we go—home, a hike in the woods, the beach, another continent—we can always check in with the office. And some of us frequently do.

To be successful in your career, you have to be accessible. You have to demonstrate that you are on call and you are plugged in to what’s going on. On the other hand, too much time spent working has its own problems. You run the risk of burning out and hating your job, maybe even yourself. Family time suffers, and personal relationships can become strained.

With this in mind, we asked our Twitter followers to offer their advice for achieving a work-life balance. Here are some of the best responses:

  • “Think ahead and always remain calm.” Charleny Carrasco, ‪@BadAssCha_
  • “Embrace that it is okay to put your technology down to engage with friends, family. It actually makes you a better practitioner.” Judi Kennedy, @JudiKennedy
  • “Take time to get to know those who work with you. Then, even when you are at work, you can feel more relaxed and supported.” Casey Novak, @RaleighPR
  • “Pause, prioritize and call it a day at a reasonable time so you can recharge.” Jeff Dillow, @fejjy1
  • “Turn your phone off on evenings and weekends.” Lynne Milford, @LMMilford
  • “Be present wherever you are, @home or @work, devote your attention to what is in front of you.” Rachel Wallace, @miss_raelouise
  • “My best work-life balance tip is to not let the worries & stresses of your day take away from the joys & successes.” Cait Penndorf, @cait_penn
  • “If it doesn’t bring me joy, thoughtfully consider the worth of the work.” Imelda Dulcich PR, @ImeldaDulcichPR
  • “Be patient with yourself and take everything one step at a time.” Alexandra N. Caccese, @LexC_93
  • “Make boundaries!” Laura Cardon, @LauraCardon23

What advice would you give for keeping work from intruding into your personal life?

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