10 Tips for Targeted Media Pitches

PR pros face a steep uphill climb when it comes to getting a reporter's attention. Some reporters receive hundreds of story pitches a day, and they likewise delete hundreds of emails sight unseen. The demands of a reporter's job leaves a very small window of time to spend reading email pitches. If you want to reach that rarefied space, then you have to craft a pitch that will cut through the clutter and grab a reporter's undivided attention.

FIF 2001Donald Mazzella, COO and editorial director of Information Strategies, Inc., shares some tips that you can use to create a solid story pitch that will pique a reporter's interest, and may even get your brand's story out to the masses.

■ Research editorial outlets and their audiences.

■ Include the who, what, where, when and how of the story.

■ Make sure the pitch fits the audience before sending.

■ Have the correct target name and check spelling in document.

■ Have a good subject line that is pithy, explanatory and thought provoking.

■ Provide a summary at the top of the email.

■ Expand more in a second or third paragraph.

■ Paste the press release in the body of the email.

■ Be at your desk when the email goes out.

■ Follow-up with a second or third email and by phone.

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